Photo of Donald  Pierce

Donald Pierce

Marketing Insights and Analytics Lead

“There’s no such thing as the unknown, only things temporarily hidden, temporarily not understood.”

Donald has his MBA in Marketing and BS in Marketing & Computer Information Systems from Bryant College and brings more than 25 years in consumer-packaged goods, retail and quick service restaurant industries experience.  His expertise is in transforming strategic plans into effective solutions that deliver KPIs and profit.  Most recently, Donald was a Partner at Moroch Partners Advertising Agency where he provided marketing leadership for McDonald’s Northeast Region franchise co-operatives. Prior to that he served as the Division Officer, Consumer & Business Insights for McDonald’s USA Corporation. Donald also brings analytics and business insights expertise from years of working on other major brands like Nabisco, CVS, Target and Walgreens.

During high school and college Donald worked various jobs: a video rental store, fried chicken restaurant, short order cook in a small diner, stocked shelves for Nabisco and probably the most interesting: making dentures in a dental lab. It’s also worth noting that he makes a killer meatloaf!