Photo of Dwight De Cloutte

Dwight De Cloutte

Technology Solutions Lead

Dwight lives for tech innovations that make society healthier, safer, and smarter, while simplifying and improving quality of life.

He divides his impressive IT career in three defining chapters:
• Chapter 1: Building a strong communications technology foundation over 20 years, including network engineering, product management, executive sales management
• Chapter 2: Using that foundation as a springboard to 17 years of leading the development and complex sales delivery of IT based communications and media solutions to Global Service Providers
• Chapter 3: Leading CA’s innovative uses of technology for our internal and external business initiatives.

Dwight loves eating out, whether it’s a greasy spoon local diner or a Michelin star, fine-dining establishment. But he prefers to create his own creole dishes for friends and family, like gumbo, jambalaya, and crawfish etoufee’. He enjoys skiing, tennis, cycling, swimming, backpacking, and golf, and spending time with his wife and adult children.