Photo of Steve Tompos

Steve Tompos

Alignment Officer

Steve likes to connect people and streamline solutions. He believes that alignment is not a straitjacket.

Strategic Alignment at CA leverages personalities, experiences and philosophies to build a stronger culture and identity.  Steve built his alignment skills by scooping ice cream, firing missiles, responding to natural disasters, advancing awareness of infant and adult nutritionals, making car parts, and cooking hamburgers.

Steve graduated from The Ohio State University with a BA in Journalism specializing in Public Relations and holds an MA from Ohio University in International Affairs with a focus on Communications. Steve has served as a member of Elmhurst College’s scholarship committee and is a guest lecturer in their Business Communications course.

He is a carnivore aficionado who is comfortable around open flames and is obsessively passionate about iced tea. As the only male in a household of four powerful women, he understands his place is to drive the bus and pay the bills.