Photo of Steve Tompos

Steve Tompos

Alignment Officer

Strategic Alignment at Cleveland Avenue leverages experiences and philosophies to build a stronger culture and identity.

Steve leads enterprise-wide project management for Cleveland Avenue.  He is usually the ‘first point of contact and resolution’ regarding general inquiries or requests for CA support from the portfolio businesses and strategic partnerships. He is relied upon to identify any and all barriers which prevent desired results.  Key areas of focus include coordination of business reviews, ongoing follow-up with portfolio companies and strategic partners as well as external relationship management with key stakeholders.
He is a former U.S. Army Air Defense and Public Affairs Officer. Post his service to our country he has held roles in leadership communications and change management at Abbott Laboratories, Tenneco Automotive and the McDonald’s Corporation. 
Steve graduated from The Ohio State University with a BA in Journalism specializing in Public Relations and holds an MA from Ohio University in International Affairs with a focus on Communications.
He is a carnivore aficionado who is comfortable around open flames and is obsessively passionate about iced tea. As the only male in a household of four powerful women, he understands his place is to drive the bus and pay the bills.