We’re more than just a passive investor.

We accelerate growth for entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Consumer Lifestyles

We seek customer solutions that positively impact people’s ever-changing lifestyles.

In today's dynamic world, adapting to and influencing the ever-evolving consumer landscape is paramount. Integrating market insights with a forward-thinking strategy, we aim to enhance consumers' lives, ensuring that each investment fosters a sustainable and dynamic future for individuals and communities.

Disciplined Investing

We invest in entrepreneurs that create and grow innovative and positively disruptive businesses.

Whether it’s through consumer products, industry level technology or social impact, our focus is always on finding effective and profitable ways for our entrepreneurs to succeed. We help our portfolio companies build the future by investing in people and ideas that bring true world changing value to the lives of consumers.

Expertise and Experience

We leverage our talented team and their life experiences to support our entrepreneurs and the businesses they grow.

Investing and supporting startups requires a high level of diligence and understanding. Top tier talent and expertise can help identify promising startups with strong growth potential and evaluate the most impactful ways to help them succeed.

Innovative Support

Our innovative facility and consumer research capabilities allow our entrepreneurs to connect with real customers, their expectations, and their behaviors.

Having our own innovation facility provides a collaborative environment where we can work closely with our portfolio companies to test and showcase their products and services. Our state-of-the-art 33,000 square foot Innovation Facility provides an immersive platform for R&D, Consumer Research, Showcases and Summits.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are a key ingredient in driving successful outcomes for innovative entrepreneurs.

Meaningful relationships are crucial for venture investors because they provide access to valuable resources and information, increase deal flow, and enhance the likelihood of successful outcomes. Our long-standing industry relationships allow for unmatched collaborations and partnerships category leaders and strategic partners.

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